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Upgrade OCZ Vertex 2 firmware on OS X

Those who use OCZ’s Sandforce-based SSDs such as Vertex 2 with a Mac perhaps question the possibility of upgrading the drive’s firmware. From OCZ’s download page, it looks like the firmware update tool only supports Windows. In fact, OCZ also provides a firmware update tool for Linux. But for some reason, OCZ decided to conceal the link in a forum post rather than making it visible on their download page.

The OCZ-Sandforce Linux-based firmware update tool can be used together with a Linux Live CD to boot up a Mac machine and flash the SSD’s firmware. One OCZ forum member posted a very nice detailed instruction on the topic. I’ve updated my firmware from 1.27 to 1.33 following the instruction and it works perfectly. The update fixes the hibernation issue on the Mac and now I can hibernate my MacBook Pro again. There is one caveat: PCLinuxOS ISO image cannot be burned properly to DVD. You’ll need CDR/RW for that.

[9/5/11]: You might also want to check out Linux and OS X forum at OCZ website. People has been posting unofficial guides on upgrading firmware on OS X there, and you may find one that suits your scenario better than others. For instance, there is an instruction specific to MBP 2011 if you have trouble using the above method.

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